Clean Eating Made Easy

What is clean eating?  Keeping food simple yet delicious, avoiding artificial and staying with what's fresh.  Today people experiment with  different food choices.  You may not be a vegan but would rather not eat meat at every meal.  You may not have Celiac disease but find you feel better with a little less gluten in your life.

The Everyday Organic incorporates various eating options in the meal plans giving you the ability to accommodate the different eating choices in your family.  The recipes are simple making prepping ahead easy.  Some of the ingredients and meal items layer up in the week to consolidate grocery needs and avoid waste.

Every Friday a new meal plan & grocery list is uploaded and available so you're ready to shop any time of the weekend and get ready for the week ahead.  Suggestions are made on what can be done ahead minimizing what needs to be done during the week.

Join today and have answers to the "What's for dinner?" question as often as you want.



What People are Saying

"Easiest plan to use" "Includes all the foodie moods in our family"
Working Mom